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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
большой отель (Wuyuan International Hotel), отель расположен в уездном городе Вэньбо (ранее уездный ботанический сад), Деревья цветут, воздух чист, транспорт очень удобный.отель занимает 170 акров, имеет более четыреста комнат, все необходимое для ресторана и ресторана, гостиничного комплекса, отдыха и развлечений.можно получить доступ к Интернету, набрать междугородний номер, произвести обмен иностранной валюты, получить деньги автоматически и т.д.хорошее обслуживание, внимательный и внимательный, прекрасный выбор для путешествий и отдыха.
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  • lfs1983
    Several changes of room, well ... little dear!
  • logood
    Well, the five-star standard
  • jewelen
    The hotel's location was good and facilities are relatively new, large rooms, the service can also, due to the comparatively late to the hotel, also call before arrival, is the place where dinner due to the service staff, serving not just in time, a little slow. service attitude is good, and free drinks in the room, Small cake
  • ljjjguo
    Wuyuan is a good hotel, Garden Hotel is large, front office and accommodation buildings are separate, breakfast variety is not particularly high, but good location slightly but driving no problem
  • e02151231
    Very nice hotel, garden style, service and breakfast is good, rooms are very clean ... will stay again.
  • gracegrace5311
    Room far away from the lobby, staff is OK, noted a misnomer to apologize
  • st066474
    Which is very nice
  • anggie1129
    This hotel is the preferred to Wuyuan, service was warm, new hotel facilities, restaurants and affordable. deficiencies are soundproofed, this is not very good.
  • juanjuanmeier
    Which is very nice
  • luanjinglong
    Overall is good, is air conditioning not cold everywhere, a night of hot wake up times
  • smmuxb
    Hotel facilities good, haven't finished building, parking is convenient and breakfast was good.
  • bin92131
    Hotels in Wuyuan has such specifications as well. is the advantage and room to ride the elevator in the lobby is not convenient
  • bearing110
    Poor WiFi, location is very remote, like the!
  • Jinni rain
    The cheapest five-star hotel where she lived, but the software and hardware facilities are great! to Wuyuan will stay next time!
  • angelacjy
    Nice hotel and the facilities were good!
  • guoone
    Very good! recommended!
  • ELLE2030199961
    You alright
  • barytes
    Well, it should be is the best hotel in Wuyuan.
  • lainice0716
    Hotels in health, environment good, service was good. it is worth to live again.
  • arnold62cn
    A good environment, good service,
  • dess0109
    Very few people, the room is spacious, good hardware '1
  • cmax76
    Feeling good
  • svg450
    Hotel in good place isn't saying, say enough; 1. hotel wine glasses is too thin, while drinking water is useless, and glass was broken, go wash your mouth, the waiter said we got, we bite you? 2. room rack has a pair of silk stockings, we stayed for 3 nights, stay for 3 nights; the bathroom floor with a toothpaste lid, we stayed for 3 nights, stay for 3 nights. Hope should not exist problemPay attention to, and the five-star match.
  • li12137
    Which is very nice
  • superban
    Nice hotel, service, environment, the hardware is good, breakfast wide variety.
  • Maco357
    Breakfast is not rich enough, the taste is not very good! other services generally, overall not enough five-star
  • lionel1023
    Early style is too little, is not fine enough, hope could be improved, and Nice location but room was not too good looking a bit like a maze without the staff the way really not found
  • nyjianyi
    Room quiet and comfortable
  • ninapu
    Hotel facilities very good
  • dn840306
    A good hotel.
  • cyear
    Hotel very good
  • susu0615
    City Center, helpful staff, comfortable bed, good service, and hotel rooms is to take two elevators, the road is too long, it is not convenient.
  • songyuan01
    Best local hotel, good breakfast and a very good environment, other General
  • mooncy
    Hotel environment and service attitude is worthy of praise, to later recommend this hotel
  • E00473284
    Breakfast nothing but mess around so many people stay well
  • doudou761103
    Quite user-friendly!
  • jessielu1007
    No WiFi, and other environmental services include facilities worth the price will come back to stay required
  • two two
    Name five-star of hotel, four star of hardware (barely to four star), Samsung are not to of service. to a room to around is long, also to transfer elevator, breakfast was like market, dinner left of garbage Montreal are is, waiter fundamental didn't people education the how disposal guest meal Hou of garbage, casually on mountain of put in wall side, although is big, but really of turnoff!
  • client
    Conditions of service were superior, but no WiFi coverage room. recommended!
  • pangdou
    County services a top!
  • jocelynle
    Five-star standard! very good! also brought back garden! good early dining special!
  • jiessie1980
    OK, good location, very convenient! most worth mentioning is, at the time of settlement, I forgot to take a deposit and an invoice, the receptionist informed me that I had left the hotel when km, hotel staff confirmed online payment on my card for me, very dear! definitely will choose this hotel next time!
  • liuyan122
    This kind of service, in particular are too disproportionate to the breakfast and the breakfast service, glass are embroidered in the room does not change, the facility is rough, this price is justified, rather than looking for a cheap, Wuyuan tourist city is driving up house prices? that is not honest!
  • bumble
  • xfduan
    Nice, next to the rail station is just ... in Wuyuan is a good choice.
  • Ice Polar Bear
    Wuyuan is good hotel the five-star environment is also good
  • DUANLI99
    Good buffet breakfast you can also
  • e03737735
    Not only good facilities at the hotel, the quality of service the absolute best!
  • bujigou
    That's good
  • lxlxl
    See commented before the bad hotel service, this time specifically noted in the past, only said that the man is insane ... Each staff to meet customer smile say hello, just what we need the front desk said the room was ready. this hotel is the best hotel in this holiday, affordable environment very well, the comment was made that is not convenient for transportation, this is possible, but driving, I still recommend this hotel, the buffet is alsoWell, the style lacks a little bit, looking to improve!