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The Wuyuan International Hotel (Wuyuan Guoji Dajiudian) enjoys a leafy surrounding.Diners will plenty of gustatory delights in this Wuyuan hotel's Chinese,Western and Japanese restaurants, bar, lobby bar and teahouse.For those wanting to stay fit and trim while on the road,  there is a tennis court and an indoor swimming pool,while those interested in something a little less strenuous can enjoy video games.[View Detail]    

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  • bl6511882
    Good and bad days building to find the room
  • newtime911
  • flyfragon
    Nice, quiet, prior to national day, fewer people, service is good.
  • suellen_feng
    You can also
  • leonwulei
  • e00669296
    It's OK
  • asunoo
    Sheets and duvet cover this patch I'm sorry the price bathroom had so much disappointed moths stopped the price of this experience
  • enterala
    Very good hotel, Wuyuan town is a very good hotel. worth is young and moved the table; his Ipad goes out in a hotel, beautiful woman surnamed Chen at the front desk staff, very warm, contact me, considering that the hotel is convenient, timely iPad to get me home express service at home, very sweet, very nice?! Want head to see, give her a bonus! hahaha! next time you must select here!
  • AEMjason
    Nice nice very close to rail station not far from the Center but not far from the little place where
  • cicyseesea
    High absolute cost of
  • fengtom
    This hotel both inside and out are good!
  • Evanbobo
    Can reach the level of five-star hotels, comfortable, the service is in place. the ointment is not too convenient for transportation, taxis are buy it now price, is more expensive.
  • leilee
    Large room good breakfast good bathing water less quiet
  • yanglinye
    That's good!
  • attilainjune
    From the high-speed railway station is close to the hotel, is a good choice of high-speed rail travel.
  • mmero1977
    Service is very good, cost-effective ultra-high, also sent a limousine to high speed rail station
    To Wuyuan of preferred hotel, is Wuyuan County best of a hotel has, location slightly some partial, but also is can accept of range within, Wuyuan city itself also not is big, on since driving tour of customer for relationship also is unlikely to. hotel room is big is clean, service also good, breakfast also is good is each to Wuyuan of preferred hotel. a floor also has a Jingdezhen porcelain of boutique shop, inside of porcelain cheap, each to will slightly with several sets home sent people.
  • Jingxi
    Hotel a warm, comfortable, good dishes in the restaurant on the second floor.
  • lynnluying
    Help a friend, is said to be very good, highly recommended! Before you call, hotel in the city centre, distance from each area are within acceptable range, probably the most far places to drive an hour or so, most of the attractions around a 20-minute drive, recommended driving!
  • yinl9999
    National day coming back pass by, a good night's rest ... feeling so-so,
  • e03737735
    Not only good facilities at the hotel, the quality of service the absolute best!
  • iamcream
    Tall and advanced
  • FANCY88
    Room was smelly has never lived such a bad hotel ... All clothing (including luggage) and has hair and everything stinks!
  • e02151231
    Very nice hotel, garden style, service and breakfast is good, rooms are very clean ... will stay again.
  • jpd1190
    Very good, we are very satisfied
  • lsp520
    Inadequate, five star standards is not enough
  • fsppd
    Facilities very good, software and services needed to be further improved!
  • alan0628
    I was on March 20, 21st stay two days, price is 1020 per day, are not low prices. thought in terms of Wuyuan, choosing such a price, and marked as a five-star hotel, it should be very good, but the result is disappointing and unpleasant, even the behavior of individual managers at the hotel, is outrageous. First price arrangements, online booking, clear room, register at the front desk were told, no King!Sound of air conditioning in housing prices, and do just not found it? hotel housekeeping managers usually are in the pipe what? Morning buffet is the most unsatisfactory. restaurant staff a lot, especially in a black suit Manager. However, these managers is unsatisfactory attitude towards guests. first day at meal time, Ham offers, I asked; there is no knife and fork provided and answer; no milkOnly hot, I asked; have provided milk at room temperature; no, we are here, we are Chinese, not these. I am speechless! Frustrating thing is the next day, I entered the restaurant is 8:15, this time many dishes in the restaurant of the food inside was empty. almost no fruit, bread table, dessert has no, 4 trays empty. I asked a supervisor in a suit, are there to provide, she replied onInside cut, loaded disc. then, 8:20, regrets of is to has 8:45, also is no took out, has been to I dining end, only took out has a, again no see has food added. Dang I asked why clearly told we dining time is morning 6;30-10;00 Shi, now 9 points not to on not provides has, she said, you can eat other of well. Restaurants to prohibit smoking see smoking guests, these managers are alsoNot to persuade, but to let them smoke. Wuyuan is certainly worth a visit, but the five-star hotel neither the price nor the worst management I've met the minimum.
  • solomonlam
    It is really good here.I had a varity choice of breakfast and it tastes nice.For lunch and dinner, very low price and yummy. I enjoy the environment here, nice, warm and clean. I highly recommend this place with 100 percent satisfaction.I think this is the best one in Wuyuan.Also, my children love here too.
  • BlueIceX
    Far from the main attractions, other are pretty good
  • easycure0401
    Happy great. happy travel
  • louxm1301
    Price, location, service
  • antenna_ren
    Facilities and environment are good, breakfast at 9 o'clock is over, almost to the point don't remind, services need to be improved.
  • lcmumu82
    Wuyuan County, one of the best hotels, room was good breakfast and is far away from all the attractions suitable for self-driving
  • lily_yanjun
    Hotels in hardware is not bad, to the rooms by 2 elevators not convenient
  • bao1056247264
    Room was large, very clean, off-season travel, so not many people, eat more expensive, less eating place next.
  • cnracing
    Good hotel services. location. many kinds of breakfast, eat full full., however, I personally feel hotel health doesn't work, there is a smell of bug. This is a particularly bad night's sleep. in addition, the shower head design problem, if you try, you know. the overall general. worthy of the price.
  • s78293
    That's good!
  • mantou85
    In Wuyuan, this is already a big hotels on the
  • e03046412
    Room has bedbugs, holiday prices are too high
  • marsweet
    Very good. the right friends. highly recommended!
  • s121674231
    Zhiqian to Wuyuan live had of price best of hotel, general feel price also is good, but than 4 years came to of feel poor has points, main in details service above, on like hanger Shang dust many, restaurant within guest smoking not stop,, catering service personnel lacks, feel all can served of personnel all Shang has, holiday can has such of service has is good has.
  • envsion
    Very good location, beautiful Star River going out at night, from the County close to the walking Street, there are snacks! hotel facilities, gym swimming pool equipped with luxurious decoration and worth living
  • annannanna
    Good location, service can only rooms on the first floor and some dark
  • lcf0510
    Good breakfast, large Fang Jie, the surrounding environment
  • meatball5567788
    No five-star standards, and value for money not how, especially poor breakfast!
  • jlinn
    Live every time you come here, get used to it.
  • e00302929
    It wasn't too bad
  • bysplay
    In Wuyuan County of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is the low season, special room is value for money, room including the bathroom space is great, hotel staff friendly, launched a series of special dishes in a Chinese restaurant is delicious and satisfied!
  • e04958693
    Service was very good, good, indeed Wuyuan first.