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The Wuyuan International Hotel (Wuyuan Guoji Dajiudian) enjoys a leafy surrounding.Diners will plenty of gustatory delights in this Wuyuan hotel's Chinese,Western and Japanese restaurants, bar, lobby bar and teahouse.For those wanting to stay fit and trim while on the road,  there is a tennis court and an indoor swimming pool,while those interested in something a little less strenuous can enjoy video games.[View Detail]    

住客评论 1766条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • e01158120
    Very good choice of season not many people garden very comfortable
  • leijunfan
    Place the entire quiet front desk service was very good early dining high quality dining in a number of food? the food and service are well worth the high price environment?.
  • fxbjjby
    Hotel is OK, rooms quite large at night free of milk and cake,
  • AI Little Love
    Night was very quiet
  • e00262044
    Hotel is the best hotel in Wuyuan, the room is spacious, hygiene, decorated very well, summer, cheap, good value. spacious parking locations, and 2 floor restaurant dishes taste good, old children like.
  • sword
    Well, the price is slightly expensive.
  • e00119498
    Good times
  • ryan0624
    Hotel sanitation services are very good, recommended
  • e05414339
    Oh well
  • genius5
    Environment is also good, because Mid-Autumn Festival, and also send cakes and milk, is thoughtful. next to Wuyuan while watching rape, still live here.
  • beastben
    Friend, really good, the friend said, next time I go to Wuyuan still have to live
  • cmfei
    Hotels near a rail station, it was very good.
  • tripsir
    Hotel is nice, just more expensive than usual during the national day holiday to go
  • babelucy
    The hotel price is pretty high, the environment is also good, next time will go.
  • randi
    Can also enter at least 15 words, cost-effective, convenient
  • EddieDong
    Service is super nice there is no shuttle bus breakfast is simple but very comfort and recommend
  • Andri4n
    Out tourism I on accommodation requirements is high, first to clean, room to spacious, hotel to four star above, so I selected has Wuyuan international big hotel, live into hotel Hou feel also can, basic meet I of requirements, service I is satisfaction, room spacious appliances is new, and is clean. daily also sent milk and snack, hotel breakfast is big, varieties also many. especially I put phone off in Hall sofa Hou, waiter soon received good handed I, this said sincerely thanks. I alsoCheck has about, in Wuyuan may this hotel is best of, Wuyuan after all is County, not developed area, so, County is and mess and dirty, this wants to tasting about local soil dish on to has a clear park features greengrocer estimated is MOM-, points has a disc Beck fish and pig burn dried, end Shang table Hou, Beck fish also is health of, pig is not fresh, taste too poor, price is your, disappointed and return. but County in has a village village outside big bowl dish also is good of, cheap.
  • dess0109
    Very few people, the room is spacious, good hardware '1
  • lubinbo
    Very good
  • elyn0923
    Hotels in Wuyuan, nice, big enough, the Northeast is the middle point of the two lines, more convenient, is the room a little taste, recommendation, breakfast buffet OK, and can increase the variety, and overall satisfaction.
  • ipenny99
    Hardware, and software in General.
  • blyx7975
    Overall quite good-although the off-season-health is good, good night, holiday with girlfriends-the dream home shows gray Tsunechika near the street Super Oh-recommendation-
  • d03262012
    Very good. upon leaving something in the room and notified back. tyre-puncture, excellent initiative to help change a tire! thanks!
  • jessiewinnie
    Hotel is very large, very clean, very close to the rail, the room is also equipped with a computer, ointment is small point of the television.
  • natsumi_ga
    Overall pretty good. but I am poor water in the living room, because there was only one night, we didn't go to the trouble,
  • Ben01
    Hotel is located in County suburb, environment good, since with garden, facilities slightly one points old. breakfast varieties less, taste poor. we just caught up with rain, rain tube voice big of die, fried of a night sleep bad, non-Festival holiday, prices also is your, price not high. not recommends friends are staying, County also has a known as 5 interstellar of hotel, everyone can to see.
  • xu3061
    Very good
  • pattyfenglan
    The hotel can also, Wuyuan town, was good, breakfast was not to our taste
  • guojy322
    Wuyuan good hotel both service and the rooms well away from the high speed rail station is near or around the shuttle but it is not what hotel is the hotel to reserve a car is very good
  • Ginawong
    It's not bad
  • joeclare
    Several times, the environment and health are good. the smoke was heavy in the room ... hope there will be improvement.
  • dududa
    Comfortable and sleep well
  • Maco357
    Breakfast is not rich enough, the taste is not very good! other services generally, overall not enough five-star
  • Abdias
    Big hotel, the rooms are comfortable, counties could have such accommodation very good, highly recommended!
  • Isabelcell
    Either the service or the equipment of the rooms of the hotel are compared to first-tier cities, here to give praise, probably there are not many hotels, hotel corridor the corridor lights is almost closed, hotels and large, looked a little down and out.
  • botda
    Yes, it is best!
  • sdddddddd
    A very good impression, I feel pretty good. There is again the desire
  • marco_w80
    Further away from the area, the hotel clean, food tastes good.
  • DefengLu
    So so
  • sylvia527
    Big rooms, new facilities, but why is the bathroom and bed door, strange design.
  • bixiaodan
    Hotel is good, drain plug
  • Things Past
    Great location, hotel complex, and no attendant Guide, find the room took the time and others is good, breakfast is rich.
  • ayomy1988
    Rooms are OK, have sent milk and bread, good hotel slippers
  • cxy258
    Relatively satisfied with the hotel local has been very good, price/performance, recommend
  • luoluo136
    New hotel facilities, or brand, price comparison, clean hotel breakfast was great, good hotel staff, will stay again.
  • ningwoods
    It's OK
  • e00185097
    It feels good
  • angelmama
    Disposable slippers recycled disposable toothbrush recycling, lived in Wuyuan County Hotel, this hotel has no less than 20 times, why can such disgusting, an entire tourist area hotels are so no one tube do? a toothbrush over hundreds of people with dread.
  • billrice
    Hotel in the country is good, the environment is also good, drive from Keng Lee 17 minutes. the only issue occupancy rooms on the first floor is too tide, rain, musty grave. proposed living floors in one point